Here we go again!

After I got my Master's Degree, back in 2011, I said that I was done with school.  I didn't want to sit in another class, do homework, read chapters or take one more test.  But here I am.....back in school lol.  Only this time it's over 4-6 weeks versus 1-2 years. That's not too bad right?!

I think of it differently because it's something I want to do versus something I feel I have to do.  You know, the way society tells us we need all the degrees to get a good job, so we keep enrolling in school, adding debt, just to end up with a job outside of our degree or decide that our passion is different from that degree we have?!  Yep, that's where I'm at.  I'm studying wine but both of my degrees are in Public Health, but I digress.  

So Ashley, what school are you in?  I'm glad you asked lol.  I'm taking classes with WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust).  Back in October, I finished Level 1.  In fact you may have seen on IG that I just got my official Level 1 letter of certification and pin in the mail last month, and now I'm in Level 2.  I'm going to go ahead and claim that I'm going to pass because the way that level 2 is set up.......they got me reading during my day-job, making index cards, setting up study groups and sitting up past midnight studying! Whew! I'm getting anxious just talking about it lol.

Now I expected to learn certain things like, how grapes are grown, how to properly taste and smell wine, and the whole wine making process.  But what I didn't expect is to be struggling with learning regions and countries.  I have to know how an area with high mountains, stony soil or sea breezes will all have a different effect on how a grape grows and how it will taste.  Not to mention knowing what countries these cities fall in.....shoot I still need to use GPS driving around Durham and I've been living here (consistently) since 2013 smh lol.

Now this isn't to say that I'm not enjoying the experience and I may even consider Level 3, but I say all that to say......if you've taken WSET Level 2, and passed the test, send ya girl some tips lol.


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