I've done it again!

Let me start off by saying that blogging takes more time and effort than I gave it credit for.  It's crazy how much time can pass between blogs before you realize how long it's actually been.  I mean look at me, April 25th was my last blog, and here it is September 13th. I don't like to make promises because I don't like it when I can't keep them but I'll just say that I'll try not to go that long again.

Anyway......a lot has happened over the past almost 5 months.  I hosted my first official event, Charcuterie & Wine, where 15 ladies got a chance to customize their own charcuterie boards with various meats, cheeses, jams and fruits.  The event was led by an awesome Black woman, Megan, who owns Out the box Charcuterie, in Richmond, VA.  The selected wine during the event, was a semi-sweet Riesling.  The ladies loved the wine and the ladies who thought they only liked dry wines and thought that Rieslings only came in sweet, loved this one.  And to top it off, every guest left with 19 Crimes' Cali Red (Snoop Dogg's wine).  For my first event, and those to follow, I want it to be my specialty where I'm intentional about working with Black-owned and woman-owned businesses while highlighting and supporting Black-owned wine labels. 

Now I'm on to the next event.  I'm working with another Black and woman-owned business and is planning Wine & Dine on October 24th.  The chef and owner of Full Street Wings Café will curate a 3-course meal, there will be 4 hand-picked wines to pair with each course, and also a welcome glass of bubbles, and each guest will leave with a black-owned bottle of wine :-). Now that I'm officially WSET Level 2 certified, my husband told me that I need to be the one to host the wine tasting portions, versus getting someone else to do it.  As much as I agree with him, it makes me nervous.  I'm not fluent in my wine education yet, and I'm far from understanding and feeling comfortable with pairing food with wines, but at the end of the day, this is why I got certified and the best way to learn it is to do it.  So between now and October 24th, I'll be preparing for the event.  If you want to attend, eat some amazing foods, taste some good wines, learn a little wine education and leave home with a bottle to try, click here to get your tickets.  

Outside of the events, I've added a few new tshirts to the site and have plans to add some crop top and full length hoodies to the site for the fall.  I'm already in love with them and can't wait to add them for you to see and have.  I've been busy and there's no time to slow down.  But in reality, I have to pace myself and do it at my own speed because my almost 2-year old keeps me busy, and he wants what he wants, when he wants it lol. So my full time, my business and everything else comes second to him lol. 

That was a lot and I think that's enough for now.  Just in case it takes me a while before my next blog, make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook, that's where I am regularly and you can catch up with me there!

Until next time, Cheers!


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