I did it!

Just start they say........well I did. I legit feel like this is one of those things where I'll forever be figuring this out as I go.  I'm building the plane while I'm flying it and that's ok! 

I want more Black people to be exposed to wine, experience wine, and feel included when it comes to wine.  The wine industry hasn't always been inclusive or inviting to people of color and I want to help change that.  We, as Black people, often feel excluded and uncomfortable whenever we go to wine bars or even sip wine in the presence of mixed company because we feel that others assume we don't know anything about wine, that we only like one kind of wine (sweet), or perhaps worse, that we shouldn't be there in the first place. Which is why I created HERitage Wines!

I want young adults, People of Color, and millennials to get the exposure to wine that we haven't normally been privy to.  I want US to be the focus and not the after-thought.  I want US to have an experience when it comes to wine, where we're not just drinking it but it creates a feeling and a memory. 

It's likely that we all have a memory that relates to drinking, whether good or bad lol.  But, I want you to be comfortable popping open a bottle when you're in the mood for pizza. burgers, sushi or even lamb chops that you don't realize that you're 3 glasses in......and getting ready to open the 4th bottle.  So, the moral of the story is.....it doesn't matter what type of wine you like, what food you pair it with, or even if you know what to pair it with because all that matters is that you enjoy what you drink and that you drink a lot of it.


Ashley - HERitage Wines Owner

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